Professional permanent cosmetics and eyelash extensions studio

The Heart of Beauty is a professional permanent cosmetics and eyelash extensions studio located in Toms River, NJ 08753. We serve clients in Monmouth County and Ocean County.

We offer fine cosmetic enhancements including eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, full lip color, beauty marks and lash enhancements.

Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

The eyebrows frame the eyes and influence the total symmetry of the face. We add the desired fullness and definition to thin or sparse eyebrows.

Perfect balance, shape, and symmetry...It's the look you've always wanted!

Gorgeously Defined Eyes

Permanent eyeliner enhances your eyes...choose from a soft haze to a darker, more defined effect. You'll feel great, waking up each morning looking your best!

It's the perfect answer for those with allergies, contacts, eye problems...or simply to save time in our busy lives.

Beautiful, Long, Luxurious Lashes

Nouveau Lashes, the semi-permanent lash enhancement, adds drama to your eyes giving you that WOW factor! Introduce a new dimension to your eyes. They're exciting, innovative, and alluring!

Sensual Looking Lips

Permanent lips give more fullness and definition to your mouth, as well as correct an uneven lip-line. It can even minimize the appearance of small wrinkles.

We can add a natural tone, or you may choose a more visible color. Dress up your new natural looking beauty with gloss or even lipstick, to create a particular effect for special occassions!

Paramedical Procedures

We have special advanced training in paramedical procedures such as scar and stretch mark camouflage, skin re-pigmentation, correction of uneven pigment from Vitiligo, and areola restoration for breast cancer survivors.

The Heart of Beauty Logo

Having Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows,

Beautiful, Long, Luxurious Lashes,

Gorgeously Defined Eyes,

And Sensual Looking Lips,

There's an inner beauty that is unique to each of us.

Time & circumstance may have muted our expression of this beauty...But now, we can choose to put beauty back where it belongs!

Come join me for a few minutes...I'll tell you all about Permanent cosmetics, Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions as well. We'll discuss the artistry, technology, and techniques that offer a truly amazing & natural appearance.

Isn't it time that you do something nice for yourself? Why wait, when you can look your best, all day, every day...and nights too!